'A night at the museum' or 'Something strange at the furnace'

On the night of 26th January 2019, we welcomed two lovely ladies from Dead X Central to the furnace. they had come to do a small scale paranormal investigation which would lead to an article written and published in Haunted Magazine:


On my drive to the furnace the sky was thick and heavy with cloud. spots of rain splattered onto my windscreen and the wipers began to smear them away. As I drove up Furnace lane, out from behind the trees loomed a familiar sight, the shadowy shape of the furnace. Stopping the car, I braved the rain briefly to open the barrier to park up. Something about the night, about the howling wind and the squally showers brought an ill feeling upon me. I entered the office, turned on the light and sat down to eat my tea, a reduced ham salad sandwich from Asda (well, the devil is in the details, they say, when it comes to a good story).

Just before 7pm there came a knock at the door and, bathed in the soft orange glow of the security light above the entrance, I saw two young ladies. I sprang to my feet to welcome them in. The blonde introduced herself as Vicky, the lady I had been expecting, who then introduced me to her brunette friend, Chloe. They carried several small metal cases between them. My interest was peaked as to what was in them, but I was sure I would later find out.

Gathering the keys, I lead the ladies towards the great building looming in the distance. Vicky spoke of a time she had been here before, many years ago, investigating the paranormal and she was excited to return. We entered through what is known as Mary’s parlour, headed up the stairs and into the kitchen room on the first floor. This was to be our base, our safe haven for the night, a room we could warm up in and feel safe within the conversations of what we had found.

We then began a tour of the furnace, firstly the rooms that the public rarely see off the back stairs, followed by the main museum and up into the bridge loft. At times, the ladies would whisper into each other’s ears, as if to keep something to horrifying from me. I feared they did not want to spook me before we had even started. They did not, for I was bold and brave! I was no weak legged lady. I am a man with a stout heart and a level head! (or so I thought until it was me running out of rooms screaming and the ladies desperate to re-enter. Truly, they were the bravest, not me).

Upon returning to the base room Vicky and Chloe decided to start upstairs. We took with us a teddy bear with some fancy gizmo within it that would detect spiritual interactions. I had been thought a child spirit dwelt upon the stairs so it was hoped a child’s toy would encourage so activity. We were wrong. The bear was a dead end. With lights, off and torches only used sparingly, we sat in the darkness calling the spirits and listening for a response. Noises were heard but most were discounted as natural sounds. This first hour we listened as the building breathed, as it slept. We got used to it sounds, the sounds of bricks, mortar and wood, the sounds of the wind finding the cracks and forcing through. But then it changed. The rooms were already cold but suddenly, we could see our breath. Chloe had begun to use her spirit box, a device that scanned radio frequencies at high speed so no words could come through, only snippets. It was then we heard the word ‘seven’. We looked at each other and all agreed we heard the same thing. The spirit was asked if it was them who said seven. ‘I said seven,’ came the voice on the spirit box.

Surely not, we thought. That was too clear to be real. We must have been hearing things but three of us, all hearing the same things? My sceptical brain working hard to explain it away, my heart wanting desperately to believe.

Then, from on the stairs, voices. Clear, unmistakable voices. I stood by the window overlooking the grounds toward the office and above the door. We had locked it when we entered and there was no sign of anyone outside. Could it be? Was it?

We then moved down a floor to the room that housed the headless body of Mary, the once states woman of the period kitchen below, her head now on display within the museum, her body sat on a rocking chair, holding sheets of toilet paper. Opposite her was the toilet, rather randomly installed within the middle of a room, fully working and usable. In there we tried again but what would we find?

If you would like to know more, keep a look out in April for a full write up by Vicky in the a for mentioned Haunted magazine. I can tell you know, it will be worth a read. What we witnessed was hard for even a sceptic like me to explain.

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Moira Furnace