Have you been having a clear out? Have you found something that might be of interest to us here at the furnace? Would you like to donate it to us? We are always happy to accept donations here at Moira Furnace.

Recently, we accepted a donation of a beautifully made sewing bag. It comes from Austria and was made around about the 1950’s. Inside was a whole raft of sewing materials dating from the 11940’s and 1950’s. One piece was even produced down the road in Leicester.

As you may know, we have a lovingly recreated dress makers shop within our museum. This is representative of the cottage industries that sprung up here on site during the time people lived in the buildings. More on this can be found in our Furnace Families exhibition, now relocated into what we hope to be it’s permanent home with the dress makers and cobblers shop. As the furnace building was lived in until the 1970’s, this sewing kit fits perfectly within the time frame of our exhibit and so will be displayed within it.

The lady who donated it had found the bag and contents whilst clearing out. She had visited the museum several times and was familiar with the dress makers shop within. She very kindly decided to donate the bag for us to place within the exhibit. She dropped us a line, confirmed it was something we were interested in then popped it round. All she then had to do was fill out a short form to confirm she had donated it to us and there you have it, a wonderful new addition to the Moira Furnace offer all thanks to her kindness and generosity.

Is there something you have that you feel could be of interest to be displayed in our museum? If so, please give us an email or call us in the office to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Moira Furnace