Albert Village School Visit

It’s been a busy day for us all down at Moira Furnace Museum as we welcomed Year 1 & 2 pupils from Albert Village School. 60 children took part in half day sessions with 3 activities linked to their This Is Me theme finding out how their life compares to children linked to the Furnace and canal around 100 years ago..

Children and staff took a trip on Joseph Wilkes and a tour of the living cabin to find out how the families lived, They toured the Bridge Loft to see how children worked in the Blast Furnace and on the canal with a chance to dress up in our Edwardian outfits.

Finally they created their own souvenir, casting a small plaque to represent the water wheel that was cast at the Furnace for the Earl of Moira.

Thank you to all of the staff and children for making it such an enjoyable day and showing so much enthusiasm. We will be taking your casts out of their moulds later in the week ready for Mrs Davies to collect them.

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